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The Mannequin Community

Where poise is perpetual

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This community is dedicated to mannequins, display dolls, homunculus, the use of the three-dimensional human form in advertising (the "human" bit is open to interpretation), art or display.

Photographic submissions don't have to be artistic, though that would be nice. Showing the subject is more important than creative cropping, filtering, or manipulation - though that doesn't mean such things are taboo! In short, anything goes, if it's related to the subject. Textual descriptions, poems, or quotes are equally welcome here, as long as they're relevant to the community.

Please place any large and/or potentially offensive images behind a LJ-cut!

advertising, autons, clothing display, display, display figures, display forms, dress forms, dressmaker's dummies, fashion marketing, homunculus, manikins, mannequin, mannequins, shop windows, tableaux, window dressing